Enforcement Suite modules

Whether you are a multi-national operator with hundreds of field workers and a multifaceted operation, or just a small one-man company; the modules of the Enforcement Suite will cover all your needs.



The PocketCONTROL client is the building block of any enforcement operation. It runs on any Android 4.0 device or higher, giving multiple options on terminal for form factor. With its user-friendly interface it enables field workers to register data in a quick and efficient manner. PocketCONTROL is feature rich and supports digitizing many other work processes than just enforcement, such a time registration, shift reports, messages and much more.


PocketCONTROL - Alarm Module

The Alarm Module is a tool to support situations when the field worker feels insecure or is being threatened. By activating an alarm, the device is positioned, a call is being established between the device and a operation central and data is logged.



DriveCONTROL is a separate software that connects to vehicle mounted ANPR cameras, and enables the enforcement operation to cover larger areas more efficient. Once an observation of a vehicle without a valid permit has been made, the system can either dispatch this observation to the nearest field worker, or to a group of field workers following the DriveCONTROL scan-car. The driver of the scan-car can also complete the observation.


PocketCONTROL - ANPR Module

The ANPR module uses the camera on the smartphone to scan and read licence plates in a very efficient way. PocketControl searched online for valid permits in the connected databases.




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