Digital Permit Solution modules

The Digital Permit Solution suite has modules that caters to the different actors in the market and their needs; a hotel reception selling permits on your behalf, a shopping center looking to give guests free parking by registering on a tablet, the end-user looking for monthly subscription to a rental space or the large organization that want to administrate 100's of permits for their employees.



The App is a native application for Android and iOS smartphones. It does everything the Self Service Web can do, but takes advantage of smartphone-features such as GPS for accurate positioning, push-messages to communicate and inform the user and much more.


Self Service Web

The Self Service Web is together with the Parking App at the heart of the suite, and is where the end-user can start and stop parking on-street parking, buy permits, change licence plates and more. This module enables integration with a PSP for payment with creditcard.


Payment Station

The Payment Station takes over where the Kiosk  module ends. Integrated with mobile payment services it creates the possibility to get paid for parking without any physical payment infrastructure. It also supports integration with payment terminals like Ingenico etc.



The Kiosk module is perfect for giving guests a limited time free parking, and enables them to self-register their licence plate and phone number.


The Agent module is perfect when a 3rd party is selling or issuing permits on your behalf. It is typically being used in hotel receptions, appartment buildings for easily digitizing paper permits in your clients organizations.

Business Web

The Business Web is for larger organizations that wants to buy and control permits to either their own fleet of vehichles or to their employees directly. By just adding or importing employees into the solution, and selecting a product for them, the employees will be notified directly and asked to activate their permit in the Self Service Web module.


AutoPark is a separate software that creates the link between the ANPR-cameras and the Digital Permit Solution.





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