Back-office Suite modules

Different operators have different needs; whether you do it all yourself, or just outsource everything from appeals to payment reminders, we can set up the system so that your back-office functions are covered.


Costumer Web

The Customer Web is a new and transparent way of communicating with motorist and car-owners, letting them see images and other evidence, pay their ticket or appeal online.


PEZ - Appeal Management Module

The Appeal Management module in PEZ helps customer service to respond to both questions and real appeals in a quick and efficient way.


PEZ Workflow Engine

PEZ is the core system that recieves ticket data from the field. The workflow engine is configured based on customer needs, whether  just forwarding ticket data to a 3rd party system, or set up as a stand-alone system with the entire workflow. In the latter case, the system automatically will import payments, retrieve owner information, create payment reminders and much more.


MWS- Operation Desk Module

The MWS is the operational tool to support your field organization. It has features for fleet tracking, messages, whitelisting, shift reports and much more.


Siteowner Web

The Site Owner Web give your client direct access to whitelisting on their own sites.



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