Giant Leap Technologies

Giant Leap Technologies AS is a leading Nordic ISV established in year 2000 providing solutions and services in both Enterprise and Consumer Mobility. We have offices in Oslo, Norway.

In Consumer Mobility, we consult, design, develop and maintain large and complex Apps on all major mobile platforms. Among customers are Norwegian telecom operator Telenor (one of the largest mobile operators in the world). More than 500, 000 end-users daily use an App developed by Giant Leap. These solutions include native Apps on all major platforms and server side middleware for functionality and integrations. This background from Consumer Mobility sets Giant Leap apart from other vendors in the Parking sector; by working closely with large consumer applications, we have a thorough understanding of the “consumer approach” to services, and this is also reflected in our enterprise applications.

In Enterprise Mobility, we integrate with existing legacy and ERP-systems, and mobilize business-critical field processes with our standard solutions in four different segments: Field force automation, Mobile sales, Transport and Parking. These projects are really all about integrations; we sell a standard solution that is to be integrated with possibly several internal systems; payroll-, inventory-, accounting systems and many more. Based on more than 10 years of experience with integrating against hundreds of different systems in different sectors using different technologies and techniques almost every time, Giant Leap are really the “integration experts”.